Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beach Towel II

The influence of color on my work from the David Dewey Workshop:
This is your Turner's Boats. Save this; frame it."
-David Dewey
Boats at Sea, J.M.W. Turner HERE
Beach Towel II
Beach Towel (the first in this series online HERE)
at Birch Point Beach State Park in Owls Head, Maine
on September 15, 2014, sketched on September 15, 2014
11" x 6", A-size Berkley and Jensen 2-ply quilted paper towel
unframed, sold framed, $100 plus $5.50 sales tax plus $10 shipping
Also posted at Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge HERE.

David Dewey Watercolor
Workshop Class Day 5 of 5
David Dewey's web site HERE 

Birch Point Beach State Park at 9:00 am 

We gather. About the beach site HERE

Colors for the art

"It has to be rich chromatically
as I even the colors out."
David Dewey

"Framing, lifting, balancing.
See your subject through that lens.
" David Dewey

David Dewey goes back and forth as he works,
painting and drawing and painting and drawing . . .

"I'm not trying to describe any rocks.
I'm just trying to get a blanket shape over it."
"When painting the darks on rocks:
"See my blanket? As heavy as it is, it's lifting.
It's still a blanket but I'm just trying to
sculpt it out with my darks."
David Dewey

"I'm going to add the island, the baguettes, three baguettes.
The three baguettes, sounds like a singing group of three ladies.
The Three Baguettes."
David Dewey

On changes of the sky and light while painting plein air:
"Get the frame down. Get anchored that way." David Dewey

Our graduation ceremony at David Dewey's Owls Head home.


Celia Blanco said...

Looks amazing!

Parisbreakfasts said...

So nice to find this...3 years late.