Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Summerhouse Silo

The Summerhouse Silo
Watercolor on 140 lbs archival watercolor paper, 7" x 5" (w x h)
My Icelandic Commission
Egill spurði: "Brús, viltu mála mynd af sùrhysturnínum handa mér?"
Egill asked, "Brús, would you paint a picture of the silo for me?"
Of course...

The original farm concrete silo had been cut off and an entrance cut, so that the memory of the silo stay at the family farm, now remodeled as a summerhouse, with the silo not blocking the view north up the valley.

Egill Óli Atlason and his Brús painting,
standing in front of the silo.

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