Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brennan and Charles Reid

Brennan and Charles Begin
Model seventh Grader Brennan Harris
and painter Charles Reid at the start of a painting
in the studio at Landgrove Inn (HERE) in Landgrove, Vermont
on June 4, 2017, sketched on June 5, 2017, 

using only the tools and materials provided in our
Vermont Watercolor Society annual meeting goodies bag,
7.25" x 5.25" (w x h), watercolors from the Holbein
postcard sampler, on watercolor paper from Cheap Joe's,
a pencil, sharpener and eraser, also from Cheap Joe's,
using a Holbein Gold 020 1/2" flat brush,

framed, $100 + $5.50 sales tax + $9.50 shipping = $115.00

Photo during the annual meeting of the Vermont Watercolor Society, using camera painting motion, of the studio at Landgrove Inn in Landgrove, Vermont on June 4, 2017 

Charles Reid – 1:00 - 3:00 pm
by Bruce McMillan

In the Green Mountains, under trees,
beneath a pitched red roof, quiet
fills the room while a painter sees
a model, space, to imply it 

on paper, as we watch, enthralled,
reflecting on colors flowing,
mixing, over pencil marks scrawled,
the model in warm light, glowing, 

Charles speaking, the underpinning
growing, his voice, brush, alternate,
"Combine shapes in the beginning,
(pause) and then slowly separate." 

We chat during breaks, sharing stares
to see the details of his skill,
reflecting on how we paint, cares
we take with our own styles, until, 

break over, beholding him, sigh, 

pulling his brush to the sublime,
while informing us, "I keep my
brush on the paper all the time."

We leave amused by his stranger 

words, for he'd said, our ears straining,
"I think water is a danger,
(pause) in watercolor painting."

text and photos © 2017 by Bruce McMillan

Charles Reid Painting Demo
at the Vermont Watercolor Society annual meeting
June 4, 2017 at Landgrove Inn in
Landgrove, Vermont, 1:00 - 3:00 pm.
"I keep my brush on the paper all the time."
"I start with fresh color each day, small amounts."
"The idea is to keep painting as much as possible."
"Combine shapes in the beginning, 
then slowly separate."
"For a face . . . start with a cadmium yellow 
or yellow ochre."
Ruth Kaldor checks out his colors . . .
. . . and his Craig Young palette.
"Use the pan colors, not from the mixing area."
"No floppy wrists, use the whole arm."
Charles Reid and Brennan Harris

New Art in the
Bruce and Ruth Collection
Charles Reid
Watercolor on paper, 16" x 20" (w x h), June 4, 2017
Collection of Bruce McMillan and Ruth Kaldor

Charles Reid, Ruth Kaldor, Bruce McMillan
(photo by Judy Reid)

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