Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunflower's Hanging Out

Sunflower's Hanging Out
at Burtt's Orchard farm on
Cabot Plains Road in Cabot, Vermont
sketched plein air on October 12, 2016
13.5" x 12", Winsor & Newton and Holbein watercolors,
and Prismacolor Premier archival ink on 140 lb. Arches
cold press fine grain 100% cotton watercolor paper
framed, $130 + $7.15 sales tax + $22.85 shipping/handling = $150.00

Conversation in Plein Air
by Bruce McMillan

"Hmm, where is he?"
"Not over here."
"Hey, he's not here."
"How about there?"
"Nope, not down here."
"I see him, hey,
looking at me,
all set up, see?"
"He just paints, gee."
"He's painting me?"
"No, painting us."
"Doesn't say much."
"We should stand still."
"And stop talking."

All text and photos and art unless otherwise noted 
© 2016 Bruce McMillan


Janet Ledoux said...

Great ! Both the painting and the poem ;) I have been painting sunflowers this week, too!

Ruth Kaldor said...

Yellow heads looking here and there supported with ladders of green hearts.