Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Surf's Why

Surf's Why
off the rocks at Nubble Light in York Beach, Maine
on April 1, 2016, sketched on April 19, 2016
12" x 9", Winsor & Newton watercolors and
white Winsor opaque Gouache on 300 lb.
Arches cold press 100% cotton watercolor paper
framed, $260 + $14.30 sales tax + $20.70 S&H = $295.00

by Bruce McMillan

Why do we pick up a paintbrush?
Why does a sea breeze make us smile?
Why does sea surf give us a rush?
Why does art have a unique style?

Why does a paintbrush flow so well?
Why does cobalt green come and go?
Why does the ocean look so, swell?
Why do waves curl, put on a show?

Why do yellow and blue make green?
Why do cool colors intrigue us?
Why do we paint the scene unseen?
Why do we brush, then fuss and fuss?

poem © 2016 Bruce McMillan

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