Tuesday, September 22, 2015

David Dewey Between Baguettes

 David Dewey Between Baguettes
sharing and describing his watercolor art in Cushing, Maine
on September 11, 2015, sketched on September 22, 2015

7" x 5", Winsor & Newton and Holbein watercolors,
#3 graphite, on 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico
cold press fine grain 100% cotton watercolor paper
online at my art blog HERE where you may leave a comment
sold framed, $100 plus $5.50 sales tax plus $9.50 shipping = $115.00

Also online at Leslie Saeta's Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days HERE

David Dewey
Watercolor Workshop Day 2
Morning Demo in Cushing, Maine
by the Sea at a Private Estate
September 11, 2015

Color Mingling
On the palette, mix
and mingle, on the paper
mix and mingle, wet.

by Bruce McMillan
text and photo using camera motion painting 

© 2015 Bruce McMillan

On this overcast day:
"Where is the color?
I'm going to mix colors to make grays."

"Color doesn't have to be in your face."

On the distant islands in the horizon:
"The baguette: long, thin, and flat on the bottom."

"Painting distant greens, what comes first? Blue."

"Isn't that amazing,
a hundred trees with the touch of a brush."

Lulu, our workshop mascot,
takes in the scene of the art.

"Do you use a liner brush?"
"No that would be like tickling a painting.
Use a liner brush to paint pinstripes on cars."

"Don't render with the tip of your brush;
paint with it."


Ruth Kaldor said...

Great gesture painting of David Dewey!

Sheila said...

Great piece, and great tips :)