Saturday, July 25, 2015

Evening at Tjörnin

Evening at Tjörnin
View from City Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland
on a cool windy evening at 10:00 pm
sketched on July 19, 2015
12" x 9", Winsor & Newton and Holbein watercolors, and
Uniball waterproof fade proof ink on 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico
cold press rough 100% cotton watercolor paper
framed, sold framed, $170 plus $9.35 sales tax plus $15.65 shipping = $195.00

Plein Air Painting
From an alcove under the City Hall by the pond, Tjörnin,

Óskar Thorarensen and I set up in the late evening
to stay out of the cool strong Arctic blasting wind.

Óskar sketched,

splashed his watercolors,

and painted Reykjavik, posted on his art blog HERE.

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