Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Beach Umbrella, Not

A Beach Umbrella, Not
at Parsons Beach in Kennebunk, Maine
on August 26, 2014, sketched on August 27, 2014
12" x 9", Winsor & Newton watercolors, #3 graphite, on 140 lb.
Fabriano Artistico cold press fine grain 100% cotton watercolor paper
unframed, sold framed, $100 plus $5.50 sales tax plus $10 shipping
A Beach Umbrella, Not
By Bruce McMillan

Is it made of beech,
I mean the pole, no,
that's made of plastic
these days, so it's not
a beech umbrella,
but then neither could
it possibly be
a beach umbrella
because it's a bright
sunny day and why
would you need an open
umbrella; it's not
raining, the sky's clear.
But don't you go to
a shade less beach to
take in the sun, yet,
you want to stay out
the sun; this isn't
making sense, is it?
Or perhaps it is.
So simply leave behind
that beach umbrella,
forget it, and bring
a beach parasol;
that will keep you out
of the sun that you
go to the beach for.
Right, a parasol is
to keep you shaded.
Oh, and bring along
a dictionary,
to read in that shade
to make sense of this.
Unless you go to the
beach on a day when
it rains, then just bring
a beach umbrella.

poem © 2014 Bruce McMillan
not for reuse without permission

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